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Data Analytics in Organisations and Business

Data analytics is the process of generating insights from large amounts of data in order to make better (business) decisions. As part of the digital transformation, modern companies are making large investments to use data analytics to become more data-driven. Making data analytics work in large organizations and businesses, goes well beyond having the right data and the right analytics tools.


In this course we explore industry standards of how data analytics projects can be realized in the real world. We will cover project setup and planning, assessing the data and all processes surrounding it, analytics models and their lifecycle management in the context of the complex and fast-changing business world.



What is the curriculum?

The course spans across two full days (10am - 6pm) with the following topics covered for each day:


Day 1: Understanding the Problem

  • Introduction

  • Framing the Business Problem

  • Framing the Analytics Problem

  • Data – Big data, data quality, data management

Day 2: Solving the Problem

  • Identifying problem-solving approaches and tools

  • Setting up and validating analytics models

  • Model deployment & Model lifecycle

  • Soft skills for statisticians and engineers

Who is this workshop for?

  • Technical juniors, in particular data analysts, who wish to better understand how their work can have greater impact in a less technical environment

  • Business leaders who wish to better understand the language of data and analytics

How do I apply?

This course does not have an application process. You can simply sign up and secure your participation by directly making the payment via the registration form.

What does it all cost?

In the registration process you can directly make the payment of the tuition fee of 100 USD (3000 THB) for the full course (refundable). There are limited financial packages available. Simply get in touch!


Will I get a certificate at the end?

Since this is a proprietary course not associated with a university, there is no certificate available. However, upon request we can issue a certificate for your employer.

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